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Wood is an ideal material to complement and decorate our garden. It is worth following some of our advice to enjoy wooden products as long as possible.

The sandbox cover acts as a bench and sand protection against contamination at the same time. Wooden sandboxes are safe, ecological, and have appropriate approvals. However, to be safe, they must have a flat surface and should be properly impregnated.


Our offer includes houses in many sizes. Wooden houses fit into any garden, they always look elegant. It is important to remember about the systematic impregnation of the wood, which will protect the house against unfavorable weather conditions. Equally important is a properly prepared substrate.

A tool house is a practical element of small architecture. It works well not only as a place for storing small accessories needed in the garden, but also larger equipment. In addition, it will keep it in order and ensure that our accessories are safe and in a dry place.


A bench in the garden is always a good idea to spice up even the smallest of spaces. It is an elegant and always needed place to rest, and when it additionally has a lockable chest under the seat, it becomes practical as we gain additional storage space.

Remember to take care of your garden furniture by impregnating it properly. 


Remember to protect raw wood furniture with special impregnating agents before putting it in the garden, thanks to which the product will not crack or turn gray. When performing maintenance, make sure that the furniture is clean and dry. The wetter the wood, the worse the absorption of the preparation will be.

It is best to protect the furniture with a coloring impregnation, which will not only give the wood a nice color, but also protect it against moisture and UV rays.

The most common mistake when impregnating wood is applying too thick layers. This makes the wood surface more susceptible to cracking and peeling.


Terrace boards are particularly exposed to contact with water and dirt, therefore they require good protection with special impregnating agents (oils) that penetrate deep into the wood without leaving any coating on the surface. Remember to apply successive layers at such intervals as not to dry out. When the wood no longer absorbs the oil, it is protected.


Lamella fences are an alternative fencing. The fences have a light and at the same time rigid structure. They are very easy to install. Only what you need is a steel anchors, square timber and connectors to connect several fences. 

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