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The garden is a place of spending free time not only by adults, but also by the youngest members of the family.

To ensure safe play for your child, it is worth separating a children's corner in the garden.

Children's play equipment and accessories should be selected according to the age, skills and interests of the child.

When choosing devices, remember that children grow quickly. Therefore, it is best to choose devices that can be easily and cheaply modified, e.g. by changing accessories.

What to remember when choosing the right place:

  • The playground should be clearly visible from the windows of the house so that adults inside the building can observe the playing children.
  • A safety zone should be designated around the play equipment, i.e. an area where there will be no obstacles threatening the life or health of children - protruding pegs, pointed fences, clotheslines, stones, thorny plants, a pond, etc.
  • The place should be shaded so as not to expose children to overheating in summer.
  • Around the square, you can plant fast-growing trees and shrubs to keep your children sheltered from the sun and wind.
  • By planting plants around the square, we will prevent the devices from getting dirty by birds or falling leaves and fruit.
  • The ground on the playground should provide children with a "soft" landing when they fall. We can use grass, sand or special rubber mats available in retail chains.

Remember, it must be safe!

  • Children's equipment should only be set up on flat surfaces. Avoid mounting them on concrete or fine ground (peat, loose sand) as this may result in the lack of stability of the structure.
  • Only proper anchoring of the devices, i.e. binding them to the ground with appropriate fastening elements, guarantees their stability during use. It is recommended to attach the anchors to all legs of the devices.
  • A swing equipped with a slide must be protected from direct sunlight. To avoid its overheating, it is recommended to place it in the shade or direct the slide to the north.
  • Wooden structures must be properly impregnated or insulated from the ground. Wood preservatives for outdoor use should be used for maintenance.
  • Remember to properly attach ladders and slides so that they do not shift (or deflect) during use.
  • Bolts and screws protruding above the surface of the device should be protected with protective caps.
  • Remember to periodically check the technical condition of the devices, ie the anchoring, fastening and wear of accessories, screwing in, etc. Only in this way will we ensure the child's safety.

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