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Before we start to maintain our product or decide not to do so, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe use. Therefore, you should:

  • Place the product on an even surface,
  • Regularly check the connections of the elements, tighten the loosened screws,
  • Grind burrs resulting from use and grind sharp edges.

Please note that failure to follow the above rules of use may result in cuts or other injuries of the user.

Storage, maintenance

If you decide to buy an impregnated product in our plant, you will receive a pressure impregnated product with a fungicide. Impregnation is nothing more than saturation of wood with a specially designed agent in order to protect it against various physical and biological factors.

The impregnated product does not require special storage, but if possible, it should be stored under a shelter in winter. However, non-impregnated products should be used indoors or only in roofed areas. It should be remembered that by impregnating wood, we definitely extend the service life of a given product. Impregnation largely guarantees the unchanged appearance of the products - without any signs of blue stain or mold.

It is up to the user to decide whether to maintain the product. It can be preserved with wood impregnants, painted with paint or not preserved. However, it should be borne in mind that unpreserved wood dries up over time, cracks along the grain and loses its color. The above-mentioned phenomena are not defects, but processes resulting from the natural properties of wood and do not affect its strength and durability.

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