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Pressure impregnation consists in protecting the wood against external factors (insects, fungi or bacteria) with the use of specialized chemicals. The process consists in forcing the impregnation into the submicroscopic spaces of the wood.

Our company uses pressure impregnation of wood with KORASIT CC and KORSIT KS2 (chrome and bromine free). It is an effective means of protection against fungi (basidiomycetes, gray decay fungi) and insects (common put, house knocker). It is also particularly effective against Poria and termitams.

KORASIT is the result of extensive research work carried out by Kurt Obermeier GmbH & Co KG - a world leader in the production of wood preservatives.

KORASIT remains firmly in the wood, giving it a long-lasting, washout-resistant finish.

It is widely approved in Europe for both soil contact and non-contact use and is at the forefront of wood preservation in many countries.

Products pressure-impregnated with KORASIT have a natural green discoloration.

However, there are some limitations to bear in mind:

Products impregnated with KORASIT must not come into direct contact with food and animal feed. They can also not be used in hives, saunas and greenhouses.

The pressure impregnation process is as follows:

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