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Each of us would like to enjoy beautiful garden furniture, a wooden terrace or a fence for as long as possible. As we well know, wood that is not properly protected against rain, sun and pests, instead of pleasing the eye, will blemish, but until there are permanent changes in its structure, it can be renovated.

Stages of wood renovation:

Wood renovation includes several stages:

  • Cleaning the surface and removing old finish coatings,
  • Filling cavities, smoothing, dusting, drying, impregnation,
  • Application of the finishing coat.
  • If the raw material has traces of pest feeding, it will be necessary to apply measures and methods to remove them. Similarly, when mosses developed on the wood.

We renovate all wooden elements in the same way:

  • If the old coatings come off, we strip them off and grind the raw material.
  • Mask the defects visible in it with the help of a putty for wood.
  • After sanding, cleaning and drying the wood, we can proceed to its impregnation.
  • Wood impregnated with the impregnation can be covered with an appropriate finishing agent, e.g. wood paint, varnish or varnish.


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