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Terrace board

Terrace board

121 pcs per pallet. Our offer includes pine terrace boards made of Kashubian pine, spruce terrace boards made of Scandinavian spruce, Siberian and European larch boards. The boards have delicate grooves on the surface, which protect against slipping and allow better penetration of impregnating agents into the wood. Pine, spruce and larch are resin species that have a natural resistance to harmful insects and fungi. To preserve the properties of wood, it is recommended to use protective impregnations. We recommend ARCH and OBERMEIER products that you can find in our offer.

Technical parameters

IndexLengthCross-sectionType of woodColour
7016001804,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7015002504,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7017003004,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7022001803,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7020002503,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7023003003,2x9pinegreen impregnation
7036003003,2x14pinebrown impregnation
7037004003,2x14pinebrown impregnation
7070002502,5x14pinegreen impregnation
7080002402,7x14,4pinegreen impregnation
7081002402,7x14,4pinebrown impregnation
7082003602,7x14,4pinebrown impregnation
7078002402,7x14,4sprucebrown impregnation
7064003002,4x14Syberian larchdried raw wood
7077002502,4x14European larchdried raw wood
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Terrace board
Terrace board

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